When and Where

Locations and meetups

We meet every Tuesday evening at 19:30 in the following rhythm:

First Tuesday of the month: Alternating between moving light shows evening and game evening in the Queeren Zentrum Göttingen. Do you have a favorite game? Then pack it up and come by! (Location QZG)

Second and fourth Tuesday of the month: We meet to chat, discuss and plan projects and events, to exchange experiences and to give exciting lectures at VNB Göttingen. Just ring the bell at VNB and come to the second floor.
You’ll get lots of ideas – not only about gay topics: We are on the move in many ways, dealing with topics such as climate and nature conservation, art, culture and literature, science and technology, sports, health and society.
Would you like to know what we have done in the past? Then take a look at our blog. (Location VNB)

Third Tuesday in the month: mincing, stewing and feasting is on the agenda – from 19:00 o’clock in the Independent Youth Center Weende.

Fifth Tuesday of the month: This evening is reserved for the bookworms among us. Are you reading an exciting book that you would like to recommend? Then bring it along! We meet at VNB. (Location VNB)

In the month of August there are no regular meetings – we are on vacation.

On the map below you can see where you can (usually) find us on Tuesday evening.