What we do

No matter whether you are new to Göttingen – because you have just started your studies, for example – and want to make a quick connection, or whether you are bored at home in front of your PC and want to chat a little – we offer you a setting in which boredom is guaranteed not to occur.

You can make new connections and talk to other gay men in a relaxed atmosphere. We want to offer you an alternative to the internet, because we know from experience that you can’t meet everyone there, even if they have a profile.

As a newcomer in the gay world we support you to find your way into gay life. We also give you the opportunity to get to know other gay men in the same situation, but also in other phases of their coming out, to make contacts and share experiences.

We are many things – throw the tablet in the corner and just drop by!

Let’s go out! Activities and Outings

City trips: New York, Rio, Tokyo – or Berlin, Hamburg, Munich?
Leisure parks: Europapark, Heidepark, Legoland?
Trips to the green or the blue: by land, by water and in the air?

For Example:

  • cinema/theater/concert
  • Sightseeing/City tour
  • Swimming (quarry pond / ice meadow)
  • Tobogganing in the Harz Mountains
  • Ice skating
  • Bike tour/hiking
  • barbecue/ cocktail evening/ wine tasting
  • Bowling / Bowling / Bosseln
  • CSD Visits
  • Group visits to other cities
  • Camping
  • Weekend workshop in the Waldschlösschen
  • Party/ pub visit
  • Botanical Garden
  • Night hike with campfire
  • photo session
  • Picnic
  • Lectures

You can extend the list as you like. You can find current planned events under the events. Before you come by, make sure you check our calendar to see if we have anything special planned for that day, so that you won’t be standing in front of a closed door.