Originally founded as a mere coming-out group, our get-together has blossomed out into a ragtag group of people with a wide range of age. The organization is led by a team of four – Florian, Ronny, Johannes and Clemens.

Apart from our weekly meetings, we arrange a diverse, tentative leisure program: popcorn nights , excursions, cooking evenings, lectures and weekend workshops at Waldschlösschen – the most beautiful conference center of Europe.

Besides from our meetings on Tuesday evenings, you can take part in a smaller discussion group. Here, you have the possibility to interchange about everyday pitfalls of being gay with like-minded people in an intimate atmosphere.


We are supported by funds of the federal state of Lover Saxony and cooperate with the Gay Forum of Lower Saxony (SFN), the association of Lower Saxon educational providers (VNB) and Akademie Waldschlösschen.