That’s us – Ronny, Clemens, Johannes and Florian. We’re involved in Face to Face, because we know about the importance of talking about experiences, difficulties and attitudes with like-minded people. Therefore, we will listen to you, we want to provoke thoughts and provide a forum for new ideas. Maintaining a place for people to meet, to chat and to make acquaintances in addition to parties and internet forums is also a personal matter to us.

We all are volunteers, but we receive a financial support from SFN and due to its cooperation with VNB for our expenses, for example the rent for our room.

We want to share our experiences and be amenable to you.

December 2010


But why should one start such a group anyway? After all, there’s Gayromeo!

It is a personal matter to us, that there is a place to meet, cozily chat and make new acquaintances in a low-key ambiance. In places like discos or web-portals, we have certain expectations towards each other, which are justified due to the social context, but also stand in our way: “What does that guy want from me? Does he want to fuck or just chat a little? In case of doubt, I’ll keep my hands off him, because the former I don’t want to...” This attitude makes it harder on us to make new acquaintances on parties and over Gayromeo. But those disadvantages may be compensated if you don’t limit yourself, but are also open for various offers.

Shooting the breeze is what ranks first at Face to Face. Of course, there can arise more from it, but that’s subordinate.

On the one hand, is never too late for a coming-out, on the other hand, this topic will bother you for lifetime. Whenever you get to know somebody new, you may have to find the answer on the question whether to tell him/her that you’re gay, or not.

In terms of law, we gays need to bother about our own matters. “What are the advantages of a registered relationship? Should we register our relationship, before adopting a child? Is our provision arranged?”

You have the opportunity, to interchange about everyday pitfalls of being gay (and other topics) with like-minded guys. We are politically and religiously independent, we are non-commercial not age-restricted.


But of course, turning over problems is not everything we do. There is a lot of laughing, jaw and discussions at our place. We are a unique social forum which poses an asset to everybody who is involved with Face to Face.