As a newcomer…

…in the world of gays you may be in a difficult situation. We would like to support you in finding your way into gay life and maybe entrusting yourself to your parents and friends.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to meet gays living in a similar situation and in various stages of their coming-out, to establish contacts and to share experiences.

To make all these things possible at Face to Face, we offer two different group meetings and keep on foregathering for common activities out of band.

On the one hand, there is an open get-together on Tuesday evenings where we put on discussion evenings, gaming, - cooking – and popcorn nights or meet for further leisure activities.

Waldschlösschen-tour with "Frau Doktor", December 2010.

Apart from these meetings, there is a smaller discussion group where you can interchange about everyday pitfalls of being gay with like-minded people in an intimate atmosphere.

Besides, you have the possibility to meet with a team member, if you once need a personal advice. When needed, we also can also put you in contact with professional counseling centers.

As an old hand

No matter if you’re new in town (for example because you’re an exchange student) and quickly want to get in with the gays in town, or you are just feeling bored in front of your computer – we provide a setting where boredom surely doesn’t come up.

In a sociable party, you can make acquaintances and have a jaw with other gays. We would like to offer an alternative to the internet, as we know by experience, that you don’t get to know everybody there, just because he’s got a profile on Gayromeo.

There’s a lot of things we are – except for a mere beginners’ outfit. Just drop in and do the math – the counter-argument “I’m over my coming-out” is not applicable. There is a lot of laughing, jaw and discussions at our place. We are a unique social forum which poses an asset to everybody who is involved with Face to Face.