Apart from usual confabulation we steadily offer information about interesting societal topics. Everything you’re interested in is possible. For example:


How do I tell it to my lovelies? – Coming Out at friends and parents

It’s never easy – but it’s somehow inevitable. And shouldn’t one let them know, which side one’s bread is buttered on before they come to know it accidentally? Which means do I have (orally/by letter) and which one is the first choice in my situation? How do I find the right moment? What will my parents think, how can they react and how do I deal with their reactions? And last but not least: Which strategies remain to me, when I meet with lack of understanding?

Gay scene – Home or Horror?

How do you experience gay scene? A colorful party world where you can meet up with friends and have a good time? Or a place where you shouldn’t drop in without having the right gear on and enough gel inside your hair? Does sex play an important role? Would you whish for different offers or are you satisfied with the ones that already exist? Can you behave as you are? Or do you have the sense that you’re hiding behind a mask whenever you go there?

Internet – netted gays

Almost everyone has got a gayromeo profile; most of us are also registered at dbna, facebook or elsewhere. The reason seems to be obvious: We depend on online communities when we want to get to know other gays. But: How does that work? Which experiences did you make with online dating? And why are there still so many singles despite of gay dating sites? Is the internet a better medium for shy ones, than reality is? Or doesn’t one have the guts to write to people there, either? Can you escape from commercial scene offers by using gayromeo? Or aren’t you just in the thick of things, then? How can I arrange my profile text? Are there general chatting strategies? And last but not least: Are you a happy gayromeo user?

Dating Prince Charming

Who doesn’t wish something of this kind: A boyfriend who loves you, somebody you can talk to and to share your problems with. No superman, but a human to design your common live with. Someone with his own problems and weakness, and you might help him with overcoming them. Which expectations do you place on your personal Prince Charming? And which ones are realistic? Which “models of relationship” do exist and what am I searching for myself? Does online dating work? And should one search for Prince Charming or doesn’t that work this way?


Love and Relationship

Prince Charming has been found and the relationship is remaining stable. The first honeymoon is over and you ask yourselves: What will become of us? How does a relationship develop during the first months and after a long time? Which expectations do I bear on a relationship? Which kind of relationship am I looking for? Which problems do occur in every relationship? Can you make basic mistakes right from the beginning? How much openness does a relationship tolerate? How much freedom should I take for myself? And what does keep intimate partners together after a long period of time?


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